Rame Details

To reduce the pollution levels, a new two-wheeler came in the market- An electric bike. These are the new generation plug-in electrical vehicles and are a cheap and convenient mode of traveling. Not all bikes available in the market share similar features.
Features like range, speed and cost vary from one brand to the other. Electric bikes and motorcycles are powered by lead acid or lithium ion batteries. Charging the batteries is easy as you can plug-in at any wall outlets. On an average, they take Four hours to recharge completely. Also, this bike having in different types of Color.


# Battery Type Lead Acid Lithium Click
1 Motor 2000W 2000W 2000W
2 Battery 60V 28 Ah 60V 30 Ah 60V 20 Ah
3 Max Speed 55 KM/H 55 KM/H 55 KM/H
4 Brake F/R-Disk F/R-Disk F/R-Disk
5 USB Charging Yes Yes Yes
6 Light - - -
7 Wheels Alloy Alloy Alloy
8 Range In A Charge Speed 25:120 KM Speed 25:145 KM Speed 25:90 KM
Speed 45:100 KM Speed 45:125 KM Speed 45:80 KM
9 Meter Stylish Digital Stylish Digital Stylish Digital
10 Loading Time 7 HRS 3 HRS 12 Min

Special Features

Ample boot space

Ample Boot Space

Ample Boot Spaced
Attractive Tail Lamps

Attractive Tail Lamps

Attractive Tail Lamps
Retro Look

Retro Look

Retro Look
Cruise Control

Cruise Control

Cruise Control

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